Saturday, June 8, 2013

037. May Cara Box Reveal

I apologize for being late on my reveal. We just moved so I was without net for a good while. Anyways.

May's theme was to send things from our region. Being from Louisiana, I was very excited to start shopping for my box. I got paired with the lovely, Erin. I must say she sent me a pretty awesome box. I loved everything about it. It was so awesome to get a 'taste' from another state. My favorite was the salt water taffy though. I'm officially addicted.

My box included:
- Salt water taffy; Which was soooo good.
- Chokecherry Syrup; Definitely different but good.
- Buffalo Meat Beef  Jerky; I'll be honest here. I couldn't bring myself to eat it but Geoff did and LOVED it. I've got a very picky palette! :))
- Buffalo Tallows lip balm; This stuff makes my lips super soft.
- A Mt. Rushmore magnet; Super funny!

   photo 20130522_125816bs_zpsb9d3ccb2.jpg

 photo 20130522_125820bs_zps240bb331.jpg

 photo 20130522_125834bs_zps6dc3ade6.jpg

 photo 20130522_125839bs_zpsa7161a8b.jpg

Monday, May 27, 2013

035. I'm alive!!!!

I am alive! I have been so terribly busy that I have neglected my blog, my box sign ups and my online social life. I did receive my Cara Box from the lovely Erin, that will be a post for later today. I will be sending off my Summer Swap box and my Cara Box tomorrow morning. The boxes are by the front door waiting. The mail isn't running today due to Memorial Day. I know, a week late but I mean it when I say I've been busy. I had the boxes both prepared for awhile now and haven't sent them out. I actually asked Geoff to print my labels and send them out awhile back. He started on the Cara Box and I thought he had sent it out, WRONG! Anyways, they'll be out tomorrow ladies. We have had doctor's appointments every day, sometimes 2-3 a day. I've been planning little man's 1st birthday mustache bash which was a huge success. I will make a post about it with tons of awesome pictures. Things aren't slowing down anytime soon so I've decided to sit out the boxes this month. Big changes coming around here, soon!!!! ;)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

033. May Cara Box Signups

I signed up for my 3rd Cara Box exchange. This is my favorite thing, ever. I love shopping, I love making new friends and I love getting goodies in the mail so this is just too perfect. This month's boxes will be themed based off the region you are from. That means MY box to MY partner is going to be awesome. Being from Louisiana, we have some pretty interesting southern items that people are always wanting. I can't wait to be paired up with someone new and I can't wait to start shopping for this box. Have you signed up for Cara Box before? If not, what are you waiting for? GO NOW! :))

Cara Box

032. Gain Fireworks Review

I had these 'Fireworks' scent boosters attached to my weekly 150oz of Gain laundry liquid and yes I really use that much a week. I use the Apple Mango Tango, the Hawaiian Aloha or the Island Fresh. I use the Gain dryer bars too. I just love Gain's products. These things are simply amazing. It had my clothes smelling even better, which I didn't think was possible and the smell lasted throughout the day of wearing my clothes out and about. I am now going to buy them for my daily laundry routines. They're cheaper than most In-Wash scent boosters and they work just the same. I recommend them to anyone who wants their clothes to smell fresh, longer.

   photo 20130427_120810_zps17f58ff2.jpg

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

031. Ivory's 2-1 Hair & Body Review

Influenster sent me yet another great product to review. I used the 2-1 Ivory hair/body wash as intended for review purposes only. I am very picky about what I put in my hair being I have a salon colored hair. The 2-1 formula smells amazing. It was a great lather for body soap, washed off easily and left me smelling clean. As a hair product it was great as well. I did let the 4 older boys use it and they loved it. Also had them smelling good afterwards, which is hard for boys! Geoff ended up using it and loves it just as well. It can now be found in their bathroom! ;) We will purchase this product as soon as they run out.

   photo ivory1_zps55d0fda6.jpg  photo ivory2_zpsc989c349.jpg

*These products were sent to me free of charge from Influenster for review purposes only!

030. April Cara Box Reveal

I received my April Cara Box the other day and I'm finally just getting the chance to reveal my goodies. Times are busy around here and they're about to get even busier (words for another post). I got paired with Katie over at Don't Call Me Kate. I enjoyed being paired with her this month and can't wait to get to know her better. She got me some really awesome goodies, here they are:

 photo 317365_10151349645355064_1467290578_n_zps96121dd0.jpg   photo 538034_10151349652475064_1961664166_n_zps94938988.jpg

 photo 62664_10151349658235064_2028895442_n_zpsce5a1a56.jpg   photo 603595_10151349661945064_2092312040_n_zps0f168e7e.jpg

 Her card made me tear up. Such a sweet note:
   photo 32385_10151349654940064_983323180_n_zps960aacd7.jpg

I received the following:
  • a very pretty pink & white polka dot reusable shopping bag
  • reusable travel coffee mug. I'll be using it during May for sure.
  • a Cilantro 'Grow' kit
  • a Alyssum 'Grow' lot
  • Burt's Bees lip balm
  • reusable popsicle molds, the boys LOVE these!

I can't wait to do this again. My box was sent off late but I spent a lot of time on it. I can't wait to see her reveal post. I sent to Kathleen over at Sweetness Hunter, she's a total sweetheart.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

028. Did you know?

Our lil man Zachary has Neurofibromatosis Type 1. He already has facial deformities, which no one really notices but doctors. I would have never noticed it but they did when he was 3 weeks old. It's actually something that could have been easily overlooked. His forehead is more pronounced because of the bone structure on the side of his face. Like I said, not even noticeable. I say our baby is perfect in EVERY single way. He is at risk for so much and there is NO cure or NO medication he can take for this. He's at risk for learning disabilities and being he has a brother with Autism his risk for Autism is even higher.

Our little NF1 bebe.
Zachary just hit the 17lbs mark. He's very much smaller than most babies his age. He doesn't sit up, crawl or walk yet. His balance has gotten better since he's started EarlySteps though. He is the sweetest baby, ever. He is very laid back and' low maintenance'. But he's a total mama's boy. He will be one years old next month. We're hoping that with his physical therapy, he'll be sitting up by his 1st birthday.

   photo zachcopy_zps58e14898.jpg

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

026. So What Wednesday

It's that time again. It's 'So What Wednesdays'. Time to link up with Shannon over @ Life after I "dew"

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I set my alarm for 7am but then snoozed it till 7:30am.
  • I didn't flat iron my hair this morning.
  • It's a pony tail kinda day. Actually past few days.
  • It's only 10:53am and I'm ready for a nap.

What are you saying 'So What' to this week!?

So What Wednesday

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

025. It's been a good day when...

(I found this and edited it to our family!)

 1. When the school calls to tell you something actually went very well!
2. When a teacher gives you your child without a negative comment at the end of the day. 
3. School doesn't call you to come get him....again!
4. When there has been no meltdowns.
5. Nothing gets broken and there are no new holes in your walls. We've repaired so many.
6. When at the end of the day he tells me he loves me. 
7. When a parent of a neuro-typical child says something positive instead of negative to or about your child. 
8. You don't cry yourself to sleep... or need a drink by the time 8:00 comes around.
 9. When I get to go to the bathroom by myself!! 
10. The house is mostly clean except for the living room...there has to be a floor under all these toys right?? Something has to be holding them up! LOL 
11. At the end of the day you are able to get in bed before midnight and realize it was a meltdown free day 
12. I don't say, "Get that out of your mouth." 
13. When he doesn't throw something at you. 
14. When the dog hasn't been eaten/tortured! 
15. When you don’t have a headache. 
16. All the furniture is still intact. 
17. When I can actually take a shower.
 18. The house is not flooded, nobody is in the hospital, the contents of the fridge are IN the fridge and the laundry pile is just as high as it was in the morning!! Yess!!! 
19. You have a day when your autistic child was actually better behaved than everyone else's non autistic kids. 
20. When you can figure out what they want on the first try :) now that's a good day :) 
21. When I can get 5 mins to myself. 
22. When the neighbors don’t think your killing your kid and CPS or the police don’t turn up from his shrill screams. 
23. When I've got time to be on Facebook to even see this post. 
24. The couch is still in the upright position and the TV isn't on the floor. 
25. The poop AND pee was in the toilet. 
26. When the kid will actually put on clothes and keep them on for a while. 
27. There is no poop on or in any object where it does not belong... 
28. He hasn't kicked the dog. 
29. When you get to watch a whole video (even if it’s not your video) instead of bits and pieces over and over and over.
30. Food is in his stomach. 
31. When I don’t have to say my sons name 800 times in a day... 
32. There are no drawings on the wall. 
33. When he's actually nice to his siblings. 
34. I can talk on the phone for 5 minutes without him asking to vacuum. 
35. I have time to finish this sentence. 
36. I get more than two hours sleep!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

024. So What Wednesday

I really want and need more blog readers. People who'll actually comment my stuff too. So I decided to hop aboard the blog hop for 'So What Wednesdays' by the lovely Shannon over at Life after I "dew". Check it out. Each Wednesday I'll post this and hope to have a few others join in as well.

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I joined a gym on Monday and have gone every day for 2 hours.
  • The tanning beds are what drive me to go to the gym! :P
  • I'm very focused on losing more weight and I'm being hard on myself this time.
  • I'm a very picky eater.
  • I like to spend money at Target.
  • I miss having a certain ex-friend in my life. Real life, not online. Had to clear that up!
  • I'm counting down the days to True Blood season 6.
  • I'm completely content with my life and others have a problem with that.
  • I've already bought all of Zachary's 1st birthday supplies. 4 months ago!
  • I have OCD and clean my house for fun.

So What Wednesday

Sunday, April 7, 2013

022. Joining Hands for Autism Awareness 5k-1 mile walk 2013

The Autism walk was such an incredible experience. There were SO many people there, I was amazed. We met some really awesome people and I'm so glad we were able to be apart of this. Our team, Logan's Puzzle Pack plans to do this every year. Next year we plan to get custom t-shirts made for our team. I had made the design this year but didn't have enough time to order them before the walk. Here is some pictures from the walk. The rest can be found on my Facebook.

  The girls on our team this year  photo resizewalk_zps360f6762.jpg

  Logan after the walk
 photo resizewalk2_zps139e5719.jpg

Thursday, April 4, 2013

021. Lo's new buddy

Today Lo received his Autism Speaks bear from Build-A-Bear. It's so unbelievably soft and I couldn't wait for him to get home. I ordered him this one. Didn't put his jeans or shoes on before taking the picture. The t-shirt comes off as well and there's a puzzle piece on the left side of his chest. Super friggin' adorable. He named him Logan (how cute is that?!). Tonight we're going to fill out his birth certificate and I'm going to frame it. This bear is going to be very special to him<3

   photo autismresize1_zps25ddea0b.jpg  photo autismresize2_zps09aa22df.jpg

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

020. Summer Fun Swap

I'm so excited about this swap. I love everything summer.
The beach. Tanning. BBQs. Flipflops. Vacations.

Monday, April 1, 2013

019. Easter Blessings

 photo easter20132_zps3339b786.jpg
 I hope all of ya'll had a very blessed Easter, I know our family did. We were divided this year but it was a good one, nonetheless. The older two boys spent Easter with their father and Daniel spent it with his mother. I was generous and let my ex-husband have the boys this holiday. But also because we needed to swap weekend visitations. I need the boys home the weekend of April 6th, which is this weekend coming up. It's the Autism 5k/walk here in Lake Charles, Louisiana and our whole family has a team together for Logan, Logan's Puzzle Pack. We're so very excited as this is our first year walking. It's such a great cause and I look forward to many more years of it. We've also signed up for the NAMI walk and have joined Positive Connections' (his school) team. Looking forward to that as well.
 photo easter20133_zpse849d2f2.jpg   photo easter20135_zps66e6368c.jpg
Easter Sunday we went to my Mom's for lunch. She cooked a yummy gumbo and potato salad. We had cookies and 'dump cake' for desert. She had Easter baskets for all 6 of the boys though only 3 were there. Next weekend, we'll be bringing Daniel, Cameron and Logan to get their baskets. All the kids did an Easter egg hunt and had a blast doing it. I took SO many pictures, which can be found on my Facebook. If you're a friend of mine! ;) I can't wait to venture other blogs and see how everyone spent their Easter holiday. Till next time! xo
   photo easter20131_zps17e5348d.jpg

018. April 2013 Cara Box

It's that time again. Go sign up for the April Cara box, box swap. This month's theme is: Go Green!
I'm so very excited to particpate in my 2nd Cara box swap. YAY! :D

Cara Box

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

017. Family happenings

We started getting Daniel, again after 2.5 years of not seeing him. Long story short, we have a court date next month and we'll finally have joint custody paperwork signed and set in stone. We've had him the past two weekends and he went home yesterday since the boys are out for spring break here. We've been taking them to do all kinds of fun stuff. We took them to Chuck E Cheese the first weekend. It was Daniel's first time, I hadn't seen a child that happy in my life. The next weekend/this past weekend we took them all out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I loved all the looks and responses we got having all 6 boys in tow. People kept asking if they were all ours and if we were gonna be trying for a girl. I always tell them we plan on having another and I'd want it to be a boy. I love the expressions I get, lol. What can I say? We LOVE having a big family.

 photo daniel_zps0b159a4a.jpg

Geoff took the boys to Evans this weekend to camp out. Zachary and I stayed behind because he's a very particular baby and will not sleep anywhere but his crib. It was quite the change. Sunday we spent a few hours at Mom's and had dinner at her house. Monday, Zachary and I went shopping for a few hours then met up with my sister's for lunch at Chili's. It felt so odd only having one kid but I really missed my crazy kiddos. I'm just used to the chaos of having a big family.
 photo IMG_20130324_210628_zps6f445fde.jpg

Geoff brought me back a new toy. She's actually pretty old but she works like a charm. She's small enough to keep in my pocket, my purse or even my bra. I had been asking for a smaller gun for awhile now so I'm pretty excited about it. I'm trying to think of a name for her. My other gun is pink so I named her princess! :)) Any suggestions?!

 photo IMG_20130326_094545_zps7fb8f868.jpg

This morning the plumbers came out and replaced our hot water heater. The other one was pretty old and was leaking from underneath. I don't know which was worse, having no hot water or having water under my wood floors. But the guy told me he dried out the floors and they didn't need replacing so that's a good thing.

 photo IMG_20130326_113947_zpsd51ed295.jpg

I want this cold weather to go away. We just shocked and vacuumed our entire pool last weekend. I'd really like to start swimming with the boys again. Hoping the weather is nice enough to have a pool party/crawfish boil soon. We bought that pool last summer and literally only used it a hand full of times. It's a beast to clean and keep maintained but it's also a great activity for the boys to enjoy.

Hope everyone has a great week, till next time! xoxo

016. March Carabox Reveal

I received my March Carbox today from Brook. I was really excited to open it. She sent me a box full of goodies both for myself and the boys. I was going to take pictures of individual items but the boys insisted that we open the balloons and the chocolate right away, lol. They loved everything just as much as I did. Thanks Brook! :)

 photo IMG_20130326_111332_zps8b4bcdd7.jpg

The theme for the March Carabox was the first letter of the person's first name. So of course everything I got started with a 'B'. My box included: blow pops, balloons, balloon puzzle, brush, big bucks chocolate bar, blue nail polish, brushes for makeup, bath stuff, band-aids and very sweet card. Below is pictures of the boys enjoying all the goodies.

 photo IMG_20130326_125001_zpsa75b8b82.jpg  photo IMG_20130326_125704_zpsaa175f51.jpg  photo IMG_20130326_125928_zps50b04c60.jpg

I got partnered with a Brittany and here is the items I sent her.
Butterfinger bites, Big Red bubble gum, Bodycology body cream, bronzer and blush (elf) and BIC for her ballpoint pens.

 photo IMG_20130326_112543_zps22240b37.jpg

Saturday, March 9, 2013

015. Girl's night

I went out with my sisters this evening, we had a great time. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and drinks. My sister Ashley has been watching the boys for me 2-4 times a week for the past 3 months for me to take care of appointments. Either for the boys or even myself. Not many people would actually watch all 5 of my boys, without pay or without complaining! :P My other sister Tiffany had volunteered to watch all 5 boys a few weekends back for Geoff and I to have a date night. Those are rare. I'm really glad that me and my two sisters have gotten closer together. It means a lot to have good family<3

Tonight I did something new with my eye makeup. Most of my friends know, I'm not big on wearing makeup. Geoff always tells me I don't need to wear it (blah blah blah) or that I'm too pretty for it. But in all honesty, I don't have time to do my makeup. I usually just fix my hair (which now includes blow drying and the flat iron) and go! Busy mom with 5 kids, always on the go - makeup is the last thing I think about but my hair always looks good, lol. But tonight I decided to be bold and do a smokey eye effect.

Here's before and after:

Me without makeup:
 photo 559831_10151261711555064_894500736_n_zps4a231767.jpg

Me with 'smokey eye' effect:
 photo 392013_zpsad4ab240.png
& the super cute outfit I wore this evening.
This shirt used to be too small for me, not anymore!
Wore a new pair of skinny jeans and some thong sandals.

 photo 208484_10151288437915064_98864617_n_zps30cfc07e.jpg
*large Jamacian Cowboy @ TRH

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

014. Near & Dear

I wanted to post this for anyone who's willing to make donations. 

Our 7 year old Logan, is high functioning Asperger's. He's had a rough few months and is currently attending Positive Connections, an academic and treatment school. He is not able to function in regular public school classrooms. He has been doing well at the school but still has his 'off' days. Things started going down hill for him about 3.5 weeks ago. He started suffering from migraines. These migraines are so severe for him that he's crippled by them and bedridden. He had one recently that made him very ill. We're looking to see his neuro in New Orleans within the next week or two, just waiting on the appointment day. We're hoping this isn't something life threatening and prayers are very much appreciated. Check out our campaign for Logan:

This is something that's newly near and dear to my heart. Our 9 month old, Zachary was just recently diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 back in January. We do not or will not know how serious his condition is, till it happens. This condition differs from person to person. Zachary has been showing many delayed milestones since birth but has progressed in some ares. He's a candidate for ADHD, Autism or other developmental delays. It comes with his conditions but also since he has a brother with Autism, his risks are even higher. This site is in the process of setting up campaigns for fundraising and I plan to make one for him as soon as they do. But feel free to make a donation in the mean time:

Having 5 children and 2 of them with special needs is definitely a roller coaster of emotions, But I honestly wouldn't have asked for another role in this life. I feel blessed to have such amazing, inspiring children in my life. I plan to update more here on Blue-ly Blessed about our journeys. I hope to have your support along the way.

Monday, March 4, 2013

013. Cara Box

I signed up for my first Cara Box and I have to say I'm pretty darn excited about this. I signed up for a Bauble Swap last month and was really excited about it as well. Being my first time doing something like that, I was kinda 'lost' on what to send or what not to send. It was fun but I definitely found plenty of ways to make my next swap, even better! If you are interested in signing up, just click the button below. March's theme for the Cara box is 'first letter of first name'. Once you are partnered with another gal, you'll buy her things that start with the letter of her first name and vise verse. Sounds pretty exciting right? Join us! :D

Cara Box

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

012. Influenster; Sweetheart Voxbox 2013

 photo shbox1_zps5a7bd68c.png   photo shbox2_zps75c97224.png
I was so excited to open up another email from Influenster. Every one of their emails brings a smile to my face, I can tell you that much. I enjoy receiving their boxes and reviewing all the wonderful products inside. Anyways, I got picked yet again for another fabulous box. This time, the Sweetheart Voxbox. This box is complimentary from Influenster.

 photo skinnygirl_zps9539b62f.png
Skinnygirl Daily On-The-Go Bars: $9.99 per box of 5 bars
Okay so I have to be honest, I was really skeptical about this bar because I'm not a fan of coconut or anything that 'looks' healthy, lol. But this bar was delicious. I even shared a piece with my 8 year old and he really liked it as well. With only 180 calories in each bar, you can't beat that. When you've got that sweet tooth and need something to curb it, these would do the trick. My husband is always looking for something like this to take to work, something high in protein and high in fiber. I will definitely be purchasing a box for the house.

 photo olay_zps6314ff57.png
Olay Fresh Effects {Va-Va-Vivid!} Powered Contour Cleansing System: $12.99
Olay Fresh Effects {Shine Shine Go Away!}: $6.99 for full size (5oz)
I used the Fresh Effects this morning after my shower. I have to say this product was the most exciting out of my box. Here lately I've had some serious oil build up and black heads on my face. Probably due to stress (mother of 5, 2 with special needs) but none the less it's been a big problem for me because my face is usually flawless. After using this, my face was silky smooth and even now at 7PM my face is still silky smooth and feels so refreshed. I'll be using this every morning and as soon as I run out, I'll be purchasing. I recommend this to everyone who has oily skin or who wears a lot of makeup.

 photo DO_zps5b62c577.png 
Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response: $7.99-$9.99
I currently use Secret as my main deodorant and have never been unsatisfied with their products. I was really excited to receive this deodorant because I'm a busy mom, always on the go and I stress. I wore it today when we had 3 doctor appointments. This is usually an every day or every other day thing for us now so this deodorant definitely got tested to it's full extent. The deodorant has lasted me all day. Usually I'd have to reapply it later in the day after being so busy but not with this kind. I kept smelling my pits all day, lol. I loved the Citrus smell it put off and I loved how dry it kept me. I recommend this to anyone who's constantly on the go or who stresses a lot.

 photo NYMBeachBabe_zpsd3be6d39.png
Not your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray: $6.00 for full size
I loved the way this stuff smelt. I tried it out this morning before I actually fixed my hair for the day (which involves the blow dryer and flat iron). It does everything it promises but with me having short hair, it's not going to be my go-to product. But only while I have short hair. I think it would have been great 3 weeks ago, lol. I wish I would have got the Volumizing Hair Spray since I give my bob 'height' but I plan on buying it to try it out. I will use the Sea Salt Spray once my hair grows out. I recommend this to anyone with medium-long hair.

Another successful Voxbox, thanks Influenster.
*all these products were received complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes only.

Monday, February 25, 2013

011. The Taste

Despite all the reviews I've read about the show, I actually like it and look forward to future episodes. I always love a good cooking show and this one has quite a twist. You can watch 'The Taste' on Tuesdays at 9|8c on ABC. If you'd like to see what the last episode had in store, check it out here!

What's your review on the show?

Monday, February 18, 2013

009. Valentine's Day 2013

I hope all you ladies had a fabulous Valentine's day. Geoff and I celebrated ours the Saturday before. We went and seen Identify Theft at the movies, which was hilarious. We went out to dinner and did some shopping afterwards. Valentine's Day he treated me to a full day of pampering. I got my hair done, a cut, highlights, lowlights, a wash and style. I also got my brows done. It was totally worth the $125 bucks, I feel and look like a new person. For Valentine's dinner he cooked steaks, rice&gravy with baked potatoes and mac&cheese. It was delicious. I had originally planned to cook but he insisted. I bought him a bag of Reese's and this cologne from PacSun. I forgot to take pictures, figures. But I did take some pictures of my hair and my Valentine's bling. We picked up my ring when we did our Valentine's date. Apparently since I lost all the weight I have, my fingers shrunk. I'm now a size 6 instead of a 7.5. I'm just smitten with it. I love it even more than the first time.

My new look
 photo 487974_10151247993430064_982435621_n_zps23bfaea1.jpg

 Me & my honey, 7 years strong<3 photo 549287_10151248577790064_656972110_n_zpsd95abfdf.jpg

My beautiful ring
   photo 525551_10151250869400064_1376717094_n_zpscedb158e.jpg

Happy Valentine's day to all you ladies, single or taken.

008. Bauble Swap Reveal

YAY! It's finally time to reveal the goodies I got from the Bauble Swap. I got paired with the amazing, Annie. Whom I already had the pleasure of knowing and I had so much fun shopping for her. I didn't take pictures of her goodies I bought but you can find them here. I told her I liked chunky jewelry and bright/loud colors, she hit the nail on the head too! Here's my goodies:

 She wrapped everything up so nicely.
Even included a super cute card, with 5 little penguins! ;))
   photo BS1_zps99994e89.png

 My bright and colorful bracelets
   photo BS2_zps4fd5638d.png

 My bright and chunky necklace with my super cute card
 photo BS3_zps59b00734.png

 After receiving her package, I realized a lot of things to make my next swap even better. I can't wait to sign up for another, as this was my first one. Thanks again Annie, loved everything! :D