Tuesday, March 26, 2013

017. Family happenings

We started getting Daniel, again after 2.5 years of not seeing him. Long story short, we have a court date next month and we'll finally have joint custody paperwork signed and set in stone. We've had him the past two weekends and he went home yesterday since the boys are out for spring break here. We've been taking them to do all kinds of fun stuff. We took them to Chuck E Cheese the first weekend. It was Daniel's first time, I hadn't seen a child that happy in my life. The next weekend/this past weekend we took them all out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I loved all the looks and responses we got having all 6 boys in tow. People kept asking if they were all ours and if we were gonna be trying for a girl. I always tell them we plan on having another and I'd want it to be a boy. I love the expressions I get, lol. What can I say? We LOVE having a big family.

 photo daniel_zps0b159a4a.jpg

Geoff took the boys to Evans this weekend to camp out. Zachary and I stayed behind because he's a very particular baby and will not sleep anywhere but his crib. It was quite the change. Sunday we spent a few hours at Mom's and had dinner at her house. Monday, Zachary and I went shopping for a few hours then met up with my sister's for lunch at Chili's. It felt so odd only having one kid but I really missed my crazy kiddos. I'm just used to the chaos of having a big family.
 photo IMG_20130324_210628_zps6f445fde.jpg

Geoff brought me back a new toy. She's actually pretty old but she works like a charm. She's small enough to keep in my pocket, my purse or even my bra. I had been asking for a smaller gun for awhile now so I'm pretty excited about it. I'm trying to think of a name for her. My other gun is pink so I named her princess! :)) Any suggestions?!

 photo IMG_20130326_094545_zps7fb8f868.jpg

This morning the plumbers came out and replaced our hot water heater. The other one was pretty old and was leaking from underneath. I don't know which was worse, having no hot water or having water under my wood floors. But the guy told me he dried out the floors and they didn't need replacing so that's a good thing.

 photo IMG_20130326_113947_zpsd51ed295.jpg

I want this cold weather to go away. We just shocked and vacuumed our entire pool last weekend. I'd really like to start swimming with the boys again. Hoping the weather is nice enough to have a pool party/crawfish boil soon. We bought that pool last summer and literally only used it a hand full of times. It's a beast to clean and keep maintained but it's also a great activity for the boys to enjoy.

Hope everyone has a great week, till next time! xoxo

016. March Carabox Reveal

I received my March Carbox today from Brook. I was really excited to open it. She sent me a box full of goodies both for myself and the boys. I was going to take pictures of individual items but the boys insisted that we open the balloons and the chocolate right away, lol. They loved everything just as much as I did. Thanks Brook! :)

 photo IMG_20130326_111332_zps8b4bcdd7.jpg

The theme for the March Carabox was the first letter of the person's first name. So of course everything I got started with a 'B'. My box included: blow pops, balloons, balloon puzzle, brush, big bucks chocolate bar, blue nail polish, brushes for makeup, bath stuff, band-aids and very sweet card. Below is pictures of the boys enjoying all the goodies.

 photo IMG_20130326_125001_zpsa75b8b82.jpg  photo IMG_20130326_125704_zpsaa175f51.jpg  photo IMG_20130326_125928_zps50b04c60.jpg

I got partnered with a Brittany and here is the items I sent her.
Butterfinger bites, Big Red bubble gum, Bodycology body cream, bronzer and blush (elf) and BIC for her ballpoint pens.

 photo IMG_20130326_112543_zps22240b37.jpg

Saturday, March 9, 2013

015. Girl's night

I went out with my sisters this evening, we had a great time. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and drinks. My sister Ashley has been watching the boys for me 2-4 times a week for the past 3 months for me to take care of appointments. Either for the boys or even myself. Not many people would actually watch all 5 of my boys, without pay or without complaining! :P My other sister Tiffany had volunteered to watch all 5 boys a few weekends back for Geoff and I to have a date night. Those are rare. I'm really glad that me and my two sisters have gotten closer together. It means a lot to have good family<3

Tonight I did something new with my eye makeup. Most of my friends know, I'm not big on wearing makeup. Geoff always tells me I don't need to wear it (blah blah blah) or that I'm too pretty for it. But in all honesty, I don't have time to do my makeup. I usually just fix my hair (which now includes blow drying and the flat iron) and go! Busy mom with 5 kids, always on the go - makeup is the last thing I think about but my hair always looks good, lol. But tonight I decided to be bold and do a smokey eye effect.

Here's before and after:

Me without makeup:
 photo 559831_10151261711555064_894500736_n_zps4a231767.jpg

Me with 'smokey eye' effect:
 photo 392013_zpsad4ab240.png
& the super cute outfit I wore this evening.
This shirt used to be too small for me, not anymore!
Wore a new pair of skinny jeans and some thong sandals.

 photo 208484_10151288437915064_98864617_n_zps30cfc07e.jpg
*large Jamacian Cowboy @ TRH

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

014. Near & Dear

I wanted to post this for anyone who's willing to make donations. 

Our 7 year old Logan, is high functioning Asperger's. He's had a rough few months and is currently attending Positive Connections, an academic and treatment school. He is not able to function in regular public school classrooms. He has been doing well at the school but still has his 'off' days. Things started going down hill for him about 3.5 weeks ago. He started suffering from migraines. These migraines are so severe for him that he's crippled by them and bedridden. He had one recently that made him very ill. We're looking to see his neuro in New Orleans within the next week or two, just waiting on the appointment day. We're hoping this isn't something life threatening and prayers are very much appreciated. Check out our campaign for Logan:

This is something that's newly near and dear to my heart. Our 9 month old, Zachary was just recently diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 back in January. We do not or will not know how serious his condition is, till it happens. This condition differs from person to person. Zachary has been showing many delayed milestones since birth but has progressed in some ares. He's a candidate for ADHD, Autism or other developmental delays. It comes with his conditions but also since he has a brother with Autism, his risks are even higher. This site is in the process of setting up campaigns for fundraising and I plan to make one for him as soon as they do. But feel free to make a donation in the mean time:

Having 5 children and 2 of them with special needs is definitely a roller coaster of emotions, But I honestly wouldn't have asked for another role in this life. I feel blessed to have such amazing, inspiring children in my life. I plan to update more here on Blue-ly Blessed about our journeys. I hope to have your support along the way.

Monday, March 4, 2013

013. Cara Box

I signed up for my first Cara Box and I have to say I'm pretty darn excited about this. I signed up for a Bauble Swap last month and was really excited about it as well. Being my first time doing something like that, I was kinda 'lost' on what to send or what not to send. It was fun but I definitely found plenty of ways to make my next swap, even better! If you are interested in signing up, just click the button below. March's theme for the Cara box is 'first letter of first name'. Once you are partnered with another gal, you'll buy her things that start with the letter of her first name and vise verse. Sounds pretty exciting right? Join us! :D

Cara Box