Saturday, June 8, 2013

037. May Cara Box Reveal

I apologize for being late on my reveal. We just moved so I was without net for a good while. Anyways.

May's theme was to send things from our region. Being from Louisiana, I was very excited to start shopping for my box. I got paired with the lovely, Erin. I must say she sent me a pretty awesome box. I loved everything about it. It was so awesome to get a 'taste' from another state. My favorite was the salt water taffy though. I'm officially addicted.

My box included:
- Salt water taffy; Which was soooo good.
- Chokecherry Syrup; Definitely different but good.
- Buffalo Meat Beef  Jerky; I'll be honest here. I couldn't bring myself to eat it but Geoff did and LOVED it. I've got a very picky palette! :))
- Buffalo Tallows lip balm; This stuff makes my lips super soft.
- A Mt. Rushmore magnet; Super funny!

   photo 20130522_125816bs_zpsb9d3ccb2.jpg

 photo 20130522_125820bs_zps240bb331.jpg

 photo 20130522_125834bs_zps6dc3ade6.jpg

 photo 20130522_125839bs_zpsa7161a8b.jpg