Saturday, June 8, 2013

037. May Cara Box Reveal

I apologize for being late on my reveal. We just moved so I was without net for a good while. Anyways.

May's theme was to send things from our region. Being from Louisiana, I was very excited to start shopping for my box. I got paired with the lovely, Erin. I must say she sent me a pretty awesome box. I loved everything about it. It was so awesome to get a 'taste' from another state. My favorite was the salt water taffy though. I'm officially addicted.

My box included:
- Salt water taffy; Which was soooo good.
- Chokecherry Syrup; Definitely different but good.
- Buffalo Meat Beef  Jerky; I'll be honest here. I couldn't bring myself to eat it but Geoff did and LOVED it. I've got a very picky palette! :))
- Buffalo Tallows lip balm; This stuff makes my lips super soft.
- A Mt. Rushmore magnet; Super funny!

   photo 20130522_125816bs_zpsb9d3ccb2.jpg

 photo 20130522_125820bs_zps240bb331.jpg

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Monday, May 27, 2013

035. I'm alive!!!!

I am alive! I have been so terribly busy that I have neglected my blog, my box sign ups and my online social life. I did receive my Cara Box from the lovely Erin, that will be a post for later today. I will be sending off my Summer Swap box and my Cara Box tomorrow morning. The boxes are by the front door waiting. The mail isn't running today due to Memorial Day. I know, a week late but I mean it when I say I've been busy. I had the boxes both prepared for awhile now and haven't sent them out. I actually asked Geoff to print my labels and send them out awhile back. He started on the Cara Box and I thought he had sent it out, WRONG! Anyways, they'll be out tomorrow ladies. We have had doctor's appointments every day, sometimes 2-3 a day. I've been planning little man's 1st birthday mustache bash which was a huge success. I will make a post about it with tons of awesome pictures. Things aren't slowing down anytime soon so I've decided to sit out the boxes this month. Big changes coming around here, soon!!!! ;)